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Bucket Test

Dallas / Fort Worth Area Municipal Bucket Test

The bucket test is a simple “Do-It-Yourself” test that will tell you how much water your pool/spa is losing due to evaporation and how much it is losing due to a leak (if any) . Follow the instructions below carefully and call American Leak Detection’s office if you have any questions or problems. If after the test, you find that you do in fact have a leak in your pool/spa, please call us right away so that we can help you get it resolved before the leak causes any further damage to your pool/spa.Print the Bucket Test

If you do suspect a pool leak a simple “Do-It-Yourself”test can help confirm whether you really have a leak or the water loss is from normal evaporation. In order to have enough volume for the test, you will need a five-gallon bucket, one of those big white or orange buckets like they have at home improvement stores.

  • Fill the pool to the normal operating level (half way up skimmer opening).
  • Turn off all pool pumps and any auto-fill device, if there is one.
  • Fill a five-gallon bucket with pool water to within 1” of the top.
  • Place the filled bucket on the 1st or 2nd step of the pool with the bucket immersed at least 6 inches into the pool water. If the bucket is not stable, you can put a brick or similar object inside to keep it from tipping over or floating away.
  • Mark water level inside the bucket.
  • Mark the pool water level on the outside of the bucket.
  • Turn the pool pumps back on (but not any auto-fill devices).
  • Do not swim or use the pool during the test period.
  • After 24 hrs compare the two water levels. If the pool water level has gone down more than the bucket water level, there is probably a leak.
    If the levels remain the same, you are experiencing normal evaporation.

If you have a spa, fountain, waterfall, or negative/vanishing edge, the pool will lose slightly more than the bucket since the evaporation rate will increase due to aeration.
If it rains during the 24-hr period, you should repeat the test for accuracy

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